26 Jul
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Gettin’ Crafty…

I think tonight would be a good time to open up a new topic…general craftiness. Before you gag on a silk flower, let me just say I love crafts. I do NOT love making my own decor generally. There is a pretty big difference, IMHO. I’m not one to stencil a bureau, arrange silk flowers into a stunning Festivus display or make new drapes out of old bridesmaid dresses. More power to those who can do this (Martha, you know who you are).

Benjamin during a happier crafting time, when I made this little dog for him.

Benjamin during a happier crafting time, when I made this little dog for him.

What I like doing is pretty much the same stuff I liked in grade school. Applying hot glue to random things, stitching things by hand, spray painting things with metallic colors that couldn’t possibly work with anyone but Warhol’s “look”. I also love crafting kits (particularly those aimed at my skill and enthusiam level – i.e. kids kits) though I often venture off instructions. But, it’s a fun way to try things out.

Which brings me to…the dragon costume (it’s attempting to hide below). It’s cute, right? No? Well, Benjamin is cute in spite of the costume so hopefully it works on a very basic level. Anyways, he was psyched.

I made it a big too big on purpose, with the idea that if he likes it, he will at least get a few year’s use out if it (editor’s note…he’s five and a half now and still brings it out to wear sometimes! score!) and basically followed this process:

1) Determine what the essence of the costume is. To Benjamin, he cared most about the shine of it and the big eyes. So that’s what I focused on for this costume.

2) Go budget. I keep my options open as much as possible when “shopping” for the parts because this sort of thing is definitely a “nicety” not a necessity. This particular costume ended up using some clearance drape material, a pre-existing shiny green hat, a pre-existing mate-less sock (courtesy of Nick) that I cut in half, added buttons to for the “googley-eye effect” and stuffed each with a half a floral ball. The only other thing I bought was a bit of clearance gold fringe, which worked well for both the eyelashes and the “down the back” fringe. The whole thing cost just over $4.00 in supplies, which was awesome.

Clearly superior to the other pictured dragon.

Clearly superior to the other pictured dragon.


This is probably what poor Benjamin had in mind.

This is probably what Benjamin had in mind. Luckily, he's happy with the "Mom-made" version. Whew. Dodged a bullet there.

What crafts-gone-awry have you inflicted on innocent youth? Oh, is this just me?

Craftily yours,



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