27 Jul
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Lil’ Roni: Fuzzy Gangsta Cover Star

Okay, if you EVER wondered…which city has the most adorable pets magazine?…you may now rest your weary grey cells. It’s Tulsa, OK.

What is it that makes it the most adorable? Is it that the photographer actually captured what appears to be a smile on the strawberry-gnawing cutie’s little guinea lips? Or, the fact that Ronnie is looking into the camera, as if he knew it was his moment to shine? Or, is it the fact that they even named the Guinea Pig Lil’ Roni (as if he were a tiny thug) in the first place?

Or, is it the fact that I immediately pictured a guinea-pig version of the Lonely Island’s “Ronnie and Clyde”…featuring Rihanna, with Lil’ Ronnie at her side, as they rob a bank? Couldn’t hurt. And would be even more funny that it already is. I mean, Andy Sandberg is great…but he’s no Lil’ Roni.

So, what do you think?