8 Jul
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Airstream and its Silvery Goodness

Oh, Airstream. Why do you have to be so wonderfully silvery and shiny?Though I only set up this blog an hour ago, I already have a muse. In fact, I’ve had it for many years at this point. What material possession I would like more than diamonds, more than a new kitchen (trust me, I’ll do another post on our kitchen, this is really saying something)…is an Airstream trailer. Vintage or new, I don’t care. They are all shiny, silver and LOOK retro, all qualities I value. Not to mention that this would allow me to pretend to camp, which I enjoy far more than actually camping.

I am taunted almost daily by them since I live in Austin, which must, somehow, someway, be the vintage Airstream capital of the world. They are revered here, to the point where it’s more likely that you will get a crepe served up by a hipster food artist from the window of one of these than from any other venue. (Check out this Austin Facebook group if you don’t believe me.)

When, oh, when will the Airstream fairy visit me? Probably about the time I am too old and decrepit to drive. That’s okay. Nick and I can just sit around in front of our Airstream that is camped at Retirement Village USA and taunt the other elderly about staying off our grass. 🙂 A happy vision, indeed.

Any of you RV owners out there who bought used – what do you wish you had known before you bought? What about RV rentals…anyone with experiences with that?

Airstream dreaming,


Sassy G.


  • Hi there Sassy G. I’ve not been active in Pintrest, but some how your Airstream photo caught my eye! My husband and I stumbled upon a used 19′ bambi, and drove from Ohio to Nevada to purchase it and pull it home. We absolutely ADORE it! We have enjoyed personalizing it, and have pulled it all over the country. Don’t give up. If you want it bad enough, you can make it happen. Sincerely, Debbie

  • Sassy G.,

    We bought our first trailer, a T@B, sight unseen and drove to Wisconsin from California to get it. We enjoyed the heck out of it for two years before we decided to get something a bit bigger. I had originally thought that buying ANY trailer was going to be too expensive, but when we went to sell our little T@B, we were surprised that we got more than we bought it for.
    My wife and I had seen, several years before, an Airstream exactly like you have a picture of above. Same model, size, year. It is a 2008 Airstream Bambi DWR (Design Within Reach), a special edition 16 foot Airstream. Well needless to say she fell instantly and forever in love with it. I thought, since they only made 100 of them, the likelihood of us finding a used one that we could afford was rather slim. My wife put out her “request” to the universe. Just as we were in the process of selling our T@B we saw a DWR Bambi in Berkeley. We just went to “look” at it, since it was out of our price range. We made an offer but since it wasn’t really close to the asking price we didn’t think that we would get it.
    Two weeks later we got a call from the owner and we worked out a deal. We use it now at least once a month and adore it!
    So, my advice is, that if you are in the market for a used smaller Airstream trailer, the odds are fairly good that you can sell it for the same or more than you bought it. And while your money is invested, you get to enjoy camping in it!

So, what do you think?