30 Jul
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No Spend Month Final Tally!



An Arrested Development fan? (If not, skip to the second ‘graph). For those of you left: I really, really had to fight the urge to include a link to the song, “The Final Countdown.” I could totally just picture Gob dancing around to that song for me, in fact. This pic is my sloppy substitute. Just thought I’d share.

Okay, it’s technically NOT final until tomorrow at midnight (must…resist…urge…to buy something…from Amazon at 1 a.m….just to remember how shopping feels…) but, barring some sort of medical emergency (which is far less likely to happen, now that I’m heavily invested in burn care items), I think we are going to make it! Yay! (Sounds of clapping and fireworks fill the air.)

Punching the numbers (and, trust me, I *want* to punch them), even after the breakfast tacos I bought to celebrate a coworker’s new Austin-less start, we still end the week with $33.75! Which is great, because that means we definitely can go to the ice cream making kids activity tomorrow as a celebration of surviving the month and we MIGHT (if we are feeling full of ourselves) even have some moola left over for some Golden Arches. (Yes, yes, I know. It’s wrong. But after a month of actual home cooking, nothing sounds better than salty fries that I don’t have to make.)

So, what now? I guess here is where I’m supposed to do at this point is get all Doogie Howser and type something like…”Today I learned about the value of family time…and how invaluable it is…” (Gag, I know. I loved that show, though. Sick, huh?)

Texas Monthly (and the Sweet Leaf founder) show us how to make proper sweet tea!

Texas Monthly (and the Sweet Leaf founder) show us how to make proper sweet tea!

A few of our No Spend Month surprises:
* I can cook! I made a ton of food…from scratch…probably more this month than I’ve made the whole rest of the year put together. I now know how to make the perfect pitcher of Sweet Tea (a huge thank you to Clayton Christopher of Sweet Leaf Tea and Texas Monthly–this process really does make PERFECT sweet tea) and actual, goodness-to-Betsy food.
* It’s amazing what you can get done when you have no other form of entertainment! Okay, that’s not really fair. It was still a very fun month. We did a lot of family activities, which was great, but we also had a lot of free time. I was able to do all sorts of projects I had been putting off (staining the fence, making Benji his costume, etc.) Definitely productive in many ways.
* We didn’t really miss spending money. Okay, this is only partially true. We certainly missed the convenience of having stuff (esp. dinner) ready at our beck and call. But, it was genuinely fun to be forced into creativity by necessity. We will probably do it again this year, just for fun and for the challenging aspect of it.

Can you believe it will be August this weekend already?


  • Congratulations to you, Nick, and Ben. Erin and I have been kicking around this idea for a while. Perhaps it will be something we try this fall, as summer has been WAY too crazy for us. I haven’t spent the last 4 weekends at home in our apartment, and am now looking at a fifth straight weekend away.

  • Howdy!
    I am stoked to read that you not only saved $, but learned the valuable lesson of how to brew the perfect pitcher of iced tea! Feel free to shoot an email over to Consumers@sweetleaftea.com and I’ll send you some coupons. You deserve a free bottle or 2 of Sweet Leaf Tea! Keep up the great work!

    Thank you for sharing the video in your blog post. I hope it helps others too!

    April Riggs
    Consumer Services Manager-SLT

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