14 Jul
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Now I’m cooking!

This will be a huge shock to those who know me best. I have been cooking this month…a lot! Okay, well, a lot for me. Maybe it’s the influence of the trailer for Julie and Julia (which looks awesome…LOVE Meryl Streep as Julia Child), or maybe its No Spend Month’s siren call to make the best of what we’ve already got, or maybe I’m just finally learning some things by osmosis (thank you, Food Network over vacation break)…but I’m feelin’ proud.

My tomato tart!

My tomato tart!

Not only did I whip up a meal of Shepard’s Pie and Yorkshire Puddings that would make Jamie Oliver proud last week, I continued my streak this week with a scrumptious tomato tart made from tomatoes from our garden (a mix of Celebrity and Lemon Boy varieties), two quiches and soon-to-be…made from scratch tortilla soup! Maybe I’m just a late bloomer in the kitchen. 😉 Or…maybe this will quell my curiosity and Nick will be back in business as main chef by month’s end. Only time will tell.

What bold new things have you tried recently that you never thought you’d do?


  • I’m about to try lobster mac and cheese…had it in Jersey, and my sis-in-law replicated it, then shared the recipe. Yum! I’ll let you know how it turns out. This tomato tart is going on my menu for this weekend…it’s beautiful!

    • That sounds fun! I’m not big on seafood, but I think anything goes with mac and cheese. Bacon, broccoli, you name it.

  • I made meatballs & spaghetti the other day, inspired by a Bobby Flay throwdown. They suggested serving with crushed tomatoes – which i did the first day. not a big fan. made traditional red sauce for the leftovers, and it was way better. i’m adding it to my rep. I’ve also started making smoothies at home. love it and way cheaper than the $4 variety you buy out. feels like a treat!

    • I love Bobby Flay throwdowns! 🙂 I have a coworker who is ADDICTED to smoothies. I’m worried about him (talking about you KRIS!) 😉 I might have to check out the red sauce thing. 🙂

  • The tart is beautiful! I don’t know if I want to bite into it or stare at it. My stomach says bite into it.

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