11 May
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Hope Library in Kenya Book Drive – Win a $50 Target Gift Card!

I was lucky enough to attend TEDxAustin (due to my connection with work) back in February of this year and the talk that inspired me the most was the one that wife-and-husband team Christy and Turk Pipkin gave. As part of their nonprofit’s work to build Mahiga Hope High School in Kenya, they are launching a unique book drive that will make personal connections between people across America with students and adults in the developing world.

The goal is to fill the shelves of the first Hope Library in Kenya, with more Hope Libraries in the works. However, rather than requesting stacks of old books that are no longer wanted by much of anyone (as these book drives often go), they’re asking students and adults to DONATE JUST ONE BOOK–your favorite book, or a book that has had great meaning in your own life.

Donors are asked to write their name and hometown inside the cover, and a short note about why they love the book, or what it has meant to them. Those names, cities and notes will be the entry to a world of learning and endless possibilities. Mahiga Hope Library will serve boys and girls, men and women, from pre-school to an adult literacy program, so the possibilities for what books would be useful are also endless.

Please note: these should be new or gently used books, hardcover if possible for maximum lending life. English language books preferred, but also accepting Swahili, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi and Bengali titles.

Some examples:

by A.A. Milne
Donated by: Christy Pipkin, Austin, Texas
“This is the first book I remember my
mother reading to me; and the last book I
read to her before she died. Some books
last a lifetime.”
by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer
Donated by: Turk Pipkin, Austin, Texas
“This is the inspiring story of an African boy
who checked out a science book from a
small library, and used it to light up his
home, and ultimately his hometown.”

I will be also be collecting books at my work for anyone who would like to donate. (If you are going to mail it to me, I really appreciate it, but since the charity is in the same town, it’s probably better to just mail it direct to them.)

Books can be mailed to:
1000 Books for Hope
P.O. Box 161925
Austin, TX 78716

What I would love to do is this: after you donate your book, please come back here and post what book you donated and what message you wrote (if you would like to share). I’ll randomly select one person from the donations noted on this entry as of 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, June 13, to win a $50 gift card to Target. Each book you donate will mean another entry into the contest (assuming you come back and let me know about it).

Read the press release about this project or visit Nobelity.org for more information.

What book did you donate and what did you write?


  • A Light in the Attic I love this book because it taught me that parents and children can learn to laugh together .
    The Secret Garden Enjoy this book. I hope you find your own secret garden

  • Thanks so much, Lyn!

  • I sent Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. It’s a book that I’ve kept in my car for years for when I’m waiting someplace or need a pick me up. It reminds me that in order to really understand life I need to gain perspective, and always appreciate family.

    It’s a wonderful cause and I’m so glad to have been able to help.

  • A Light in the Attic~~In honor of my children who have spent hours reading this book!

    Falling Up~~In honor of my daughter and grandson who are poetry to me!

  • Andrea, that’s great! I am not familiar with that book, so I’ll have to check that out! 🙂 Sounds great!

    Mom, you are too cute. 🙂 Thanks, m’am!


  • We have a winner! Drawing at random from our comment entries, we ended up with Cynthia winning the Target gift card. Thank you, all of you, for helping the cause! I really, really appreciate it.

    Sassy Ginger

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