3 Aug
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We survived No Spend Month – a look back

We survived July’s No-Spend-Month odyssey! Though, oddly, my meandering last post proved un-prophetic. Down to $33something, we did NOT spend our last dime on the ice cream-making kid’s event, alas, but rather the co-pay for Benjamin’s surprise strep throat antibiotics (we lucked out that we had some overpayments at the doctor’s office so we didn’t have to pay the office co-pay, or we would’ve been over the limit). We did pick up some Breyer’s, though, as a consolation prize for all of us. Poor guy. (He’s up to his old tricks now, feeling terrific, thank goodness.)

Another bonus to the end of NSM was the chance to…finally…see the Harry Potter movie. It was worth the wait since we managed to get tickets for the IMAX version, where the first part was in 3-D. Definitely NOT budget-friendly by the time we added in the baby-sitter, but IMO worth every penny. The last time we went on a real date, we saw the movie Smart People. Yes, it’s out on DVD now. So, you know, it’s been a while.

Bob Dylan, Wilie Nelson and John Mellencamp. This should be interesting!

Bob Dylan, Wilie Nelson and John Mellencamp. This should be interesting!

Tomorrow night our “hey, let’s go on a date once in a while!” trend continues; we are going to a Bob Dylan/Willie Nelson/John Cougar Mellencamp concert at the local Minor League baseball stadium (in Round Rock, TX). Of course. Nothing odd about that. 😉 We saw Mr. Dylan before at Austin City Limits last year…sadly. (Sorry, all! I know he’s an amazing musician! But his voice has really, really gotten bad recently. Even for him!) We’re hoping this one will be better. Anyways, I really just want to see Willie Nelson. I’ve got tons of his stuff on vinyl because I’m a dweeb like that.

I’ll have something juicier to post later. Juicy as in meaning I’m going to make another confession about how cheap I am; this one about my side-business on Amazon. Hope I see you then!

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